Tissue Paper Quality Perception

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With reference to Tissue Paper Products, what are the critical determinants for the perception of quality?
From the consumer point of view, the quality of a tissue product is at first connected with the suitability for the specific use, that could means resistance, water absorption, softness, touch feeling.Considering the always bigger range of products availability on the shelves, the "use experience" have to be promoted with other attractive characteristics, like graphics, colors, packaging, pack dimensions and, of course, price.All aspects that can increase the quality perception, promoting the use experience to test the real product qualities.Advertising play also a big role, as for any other consumer goods, to promote the perception of quality.Very important is also the integrity of the products and of the pack on the shelf, that means rolls as "round" as possible, packs integrity without holes or opening, rolls and other products as clean as possible.The possibility to compare different qualities, increase the challenges for the producers, but the premium could be volume and higher revenues.
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