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Sales of luxury toilet roll are latest signal that Britain's feeling flush again as stores reveal an increase in demand for the more expensive brands

Posted By:25/03/2015

British people are buying luxury toilet roll rather than cheaper alternatives, economists have started using it as the barometer for economic recovery

Sales of luxury toilet paper are being heralded as the newest way to measure the economy - and judging by our current spending habits things in Britain are looking up.

Spending on products for short-term use is crucial in revealing how confident a country's population are in their own economic prospects - and luxury loo paper sales suggest the recession is well and truly over.

A report by market intelligence firm Euromonitor International found the UK stands out among the European countries as only 5.3 per cent of £1.9billion toilet paper sales were made up from the cheaper brands. 

The analysts found although top brands like Cushelle, Andrex and Velvet are a little pricier, they are a luxury most people can afford.

They said in the report: 'While the idea of luxury toilet paper may be slightly odd, its performance suggests otherwise.' 

They added that toilet paper has become the barometer for how confident people are in their economy and whether they can afford a minor splurge.

Waitrose recently announced that premium toilet tissue sales are up 12 per cent year on year.

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