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Agorà and Tappi Tissue 360° Forum announce media partnership

Posted By:23/12/2015

Agorà and Tappi Tissue 360° Forum announce media partnership

The innovative Tissue social media Agorà, is cooperating as Official Media partner to Tappi organisation for the introduction of the next Tappi Tissue 360° Forum, that will be held in Cincinnati the next 16-17 of May.

On the pages of AGORA’, will be published news about the event and its organisation and abstract form the main speakers presentations to the Papercon 2016.

Follow the event with Tissue Agorà

Tappi is a leading organisation, not for profit, volunteer-led, that is built around a community comprised of thousands of member engineers, managers, scientists, academics, suppliers and others from around the world operating within the Paper producing and converting industries.

Founded in 1915, when thirty enterprising papermakers gathered together determined to form a new technical arm of the American Paper & Pulp Association (APPA). Their idea was to gather and disseminate information concerning matters which have to do with production. This forward thinking group wanted to create a forum where information could be channeled and ideas could be exchanged. In less than a year, TAPPI was born and almost 98 years later, their formula for success continues to work.

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