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Agorà interviews STAX Technologies at Tissue World Milan 2017

Posted By:29/05/2017

Tissue Agorà had the pleasure to interview Stevan Kalos, the Sales Director of this well-known company located in Serbia. He tried to outline their business strategy and their vision of the future.

Through the official presentation of UNICA, Stax Technologies aimed to show off its customers and its competitors that something important within the industry has been created. For this specific purpose, Tissue World Milan 2017 represented the ideal springboard.

  1. In few words, what does it mean your participation in this edition of Tissue World?

    If I have to define our participation with only a word, I would say NECESSITY. But the world necessity has many hidden layers. First of all, NECESSITY to show our latest developments, the innovations we came up with. The presentation of ULTIMA pursues this purpose. Secondly, NECESSITY to meet customers coming from all over the world in only three days. Indeed, it’s not easy to meet customers coming from different parts of the world in only one occasion. This is one of the advantages of the exhibition. Third, NECESSITY to show our customers and other companies how successful we are.

  2. Digitalization of productive processes: a phenomenon that has become ever more important in the last few years. What will be the effects of digitalization of production processes in this specific industry? 

    Nowadays every industry is facing the issue of automation of production processes, reducing significantly the need of human intervention. This represents more a philosophical question, but it is difficult to predict how our approach to business will affect social norms and the structure of our society.

  3. What will be the needs of your customers in the next 5 years?

    Automation. The production processes will become ever more automated, because nowadays humans represent a commodity. Since the management of human resources hides a series of complexities, companies ask suppliers to fully automate the production processes, in order to significantly reduce the human involvement. 
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