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CEN/TC 172/WG 3 Group. FCMs Experts in FCMs at working in Lucca at Ecol Studio

Posted By:10/04/2017

CEN/TC 172/WG 3 Group. FCMs Experts in FCMs at working in Lucca at Ecol Studio

The Working Group deals with the standardization of analytical methods for the evaluation of paper and paperboard intended for contact with foodstuffs, with the aim of assist companies in the development of their brand, and to protect the final consumer ensuring, that the products placed on the market are safe for human health.

The group is composed of 15/20 experts on Food Contact Materials (FCMs) coming from different country of Europe. The Group members belong to companies operating in the FCMs sector, research institutes, laboratories, consultancy and two of them are a part of Ecol Studio professional team. Although heterogeneous provenance of the participants, they have one common thing: a deep knowledge of materials in contact with food and a great skill about the matter, in a very particular market which is strongly subjected to a constantly evolving regulatory environment.

Ecol Studio offers innovative solutions and reliable tests to manufacture products and implement processes that conform to the increasingly complex standards required and to the continually evolving norms in force. The Tuscany company, with 8 different locations in Italy, supporting companies in the attainment of the desired, binding quality so that they are facilitated in answering the demands of their sphere of business and capable of consolidating their brand in relation to the stakeholders, bringing about improvements in terms of time, costs and effectiveness. Because brand growth passes through corporate quality standards.

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