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Ecol Studio introduces PaperNewsPaper: the dedicated service for paper industry

Posted By:31/01/2017

PaperNewsPaper (PNP) is the subscription service we have created for companies like yours to keep under control the regulation of each member state and European regulation on FCM, and to be always updated.

Ecol Studio is a specialized company in laboratory analysis, consulting and training. Ecol Studio has been an international reference for the paper world from years. The peculiar skills and the pluriannual experience in the paper & board field which feature Ecol Studio, direct also its way to do research and to development. Being in contact every day with this kind of market Ecol Studio is able to detect real daily customer needs and to offer unique and efficient services to all the chain supply.

It is a useful and helpful deepening service, since it supplies in a clear, easy, timely and constant way fundamental information for the paper business. It allows you to be competitive, knowing all the ongoing changes on time. It also helps you in daily activities, to protect the brands and the growth of your company within a complex and dynamic legislative environment.

PaperNewsPaper is a quarterly focus that we periodically send in a PDF format. It is easy to consult and to read. The newsletter will contain the latest legislation analysed and commented.
If required we will add the breaking news. To close the circle we give the access to a large, very well organised, very useful and easy to consult legislative database

For more information, connect to the website and access to the free demo from the PaperNewsPaper page.

PaperNewsPaper: to be sure to always be in compliance with regulatory standards!

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