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ICT Ibérica: “Hidroeficiencia” project

Posted By:19/10/2017

ICT Ibérica: “Hidroeficiencia” project

Water is a precious resource for life on Earth and is essential in any paper making process.

ICT Ibérica’s commitment focuses on two areas: the humanitarian sector, thanks to the cooperation with UNICEF on the project “National plan for the promotion of water and sanitation in Mali” since 2013, and the environmental sector, intensively working on the production process in order to improve quality and reduce consumption.

Between 2012 and 2014, ICT Ibérica found out that it was consuming an increasing amount of water.

This finding led to the development of the “Hidrodeficiencia” project (Hydro deficit), aimed at finding solutions to reduce consumption patterns and variability to a minimum.

By applying the Six Sigma method for analysing and evaluating various process and discharge variables, ICT Ibérica succeeded in reducing water consumption by 25% and sludge levels by 50%.

Moreover, the outstanding work carried out by the paper mill staff so as to achieve continuous improvement proved to be crucial to ensure not only long-lasting results but also the success of ICT Ibérica’s “Hidrodeficiencia” (Hydro deficit) project.
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