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Myths & Realities - The paper industry is old fashioned and will soon be a thing of the past

Posted By: 01/09/2015

Is the paper industry old fashioned?

The Reality: Paper is innovative; the paper sector is a modern industry; young people still use and value paper

Paper is made in large tailor-made machines which need highly sophisticated control equipment and process computers.

A modern production line is up to 200 meters long and occupies a space equivalent to two football pitches. Paper production  is totally computerised and automated; and for the management of a modern paper machine up to 50 screens are needed.

Hundreds of last generation sensors and scanners handle the control processes for different parameters, while the machines contain more electronics than a Boeing 747.

Paper is constantly evolving , as is its production technology. From the interactive children’s book where dogs actually bark, to paper batteries, food vanillin , anti-scan anti-copy technologies, even components of laptops satellites and video cards, paper is continuously innovating to fulfil people’s wishes.

As an expression of everyday life, paper has to be versatile and ready to respond to changing needs. Be it in new printing methods, intelligent packaging, scratch and sniff sensation books, or radio identification tags – paper delivers.

Whilst the internet and digital communication channels are more and more present in young people’s lives, paper is still the preferred choice when it really matters and is linked to emotion (love notes, autographs, letters), trust (contracts, magazines) and organisational issues (shopping list, note-taking) . In fact, 80.5% of young people cannot live without paper because they think it
is useful (70.2%), necessary (over 50%), need it around (50%). Most young people also see the recycling potential of paper and choose it over other non-easily recyclable products.

Young people live in a digital world where paper is key!

Source: CEPI

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