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Papercon Cincinnati 2016 review

Posted By:08/06/2016

Papercon Cincinnati 2016 review

The ninth edition of Papercon held in Cincinnati, 15-18 May, concluded successfully with a full exhibit hall and worldwide visitors. The 4 days conference has also concluded successfully, dissected important paper converting industry topics, from sustainability issue, strategic market insights, operations and technological innovations. Papercon brought together CEOs, mill managers, superintendents, scientists, process engineers and suppliers for the largest pulp and paper technical program in the world. It is a comprehensive program, network of opportunities and trade fair among such a distinguished group of industry leaders.

At the event, visiting the exhibition, we had the opportunity to meet and discover interesting innovative technologies applied to the paper industry, within which the following highlights:

OpTest, based in Hawkesbury, Canada, in collaboration with other companies, has developed a new imaging analysis method to measure the roughness of tissue. The method, called OpTiSurf, is based on the concept of illuminating a paper sample at shallow incidence and analyzing the shadows cast by the surface topography to provide statistical information about surface roughness.

Core Link
Core Link, a firm from Falkenberg, Sweden has elaborated a RFID - Radio Frequency Identification Systems for the identification of all kinds of products. RFID-system is rapidly replacing barcodes because of many advantages as the enhanced readability, lower maintenance cost, better inventory control and a production planning more accurate.

PCA – Performance Consulting Associates is a company specialized in corporate organization, based in Duluth, Georgia. The reason that more intrigued Agorà staff is the organization and analysis of the warehouse spare parts. PCA affirm: “Spare parts, materials and supplies for MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) often represent millions of dollars in inventory―yet the majority sits unused, year after year. Often, personnel cannot locate items on hand (either physically or through enterprise asset management or inventory software), creating production delays and encouraging duplicate inventory creation. Under these conditions, MRO (materials management reliability model) expenses soar, resulting in a measurable profitability drain. To help companies resolve this challenge, increase materials efficiency and optimize costs, PCA has developed a five-part, intensive approach to Inventory Process Optimization that leverages physical, procedural and technological enhancements to achieve meaningful change. In sum, this approach provides organizations with the control and visibility they require to optimize inventory, reap significant service improvements, virtually eliminate stock-outs and secure rapid ROI.”

Brunson, with more than 80 years of experience, is a leading company specialized in machine tool alignment and machine performance evaluation, equipment inspection and installation, and machinery troubleshooting. From its headquarter in Kansas City, Missouri, is able to supply their experience.

FP Innovations  
FPInnovations, based in Pointe-Claire, Canada, develops leading-edge technologies to help companies in the forest industry optimize resource usage, improve performance and reduce operating costs. Mr. Yuan, Mr. Jong and Mr. Larivière presented a very interesting presentation about the High Yield Pulp or HYP in tissue and towel. HYP got its name because the process allows obtaining a greater yield from each tree; HYP is pulp that optimizes the use of trees.

Miron Constructions 
Miron is a construction company, who differentiates itself from other general contractor by offering innovative services as the BIM Building Information Modelling. BIM is an integrated architectural, engineering and construction workflow utilizing information, which has been loaded into a digital building model. With the goal of enhanced communication, accuracy and efficiency, Miron has embraced building information modeling. Better coordination with architects, engineers, building owners and subcontractors utilizing the technologies associated with this workflow also improves our operating efficiency, translating into additional value and cost savings for our clients. The information in a virtual model is commonly used in the areas of building design and engineering, and material takeoff. Industry focus continues to be on the 3D value of a model, allowing the building team to better plan, design, visualize and construct the project. 

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