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TAPPI’s 2016 Tissue360o Forum Draws Record Attendance

Posted By:27/06/2016

TAPPI’s 2016 Tissue360o Forum Draws Record Attendance

The fourth annual TAPPI Tissue360o Forum, held in conjunction with PaperCon 2016, in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, May 16-18, 2016, attracted record attendance in all 10 sessions. The opening Keynote Session on Monday afternoon had 119 attendees, followed by 100 attendees in Session 5 on Tuesday afternoon, 95 in Session 3 on Tuesday morning, and 68 in Session 2 on Monday afternoon.

As with the three past Tissue Forums, all conducted at annual TAPPI PaperCon events, the fourth annual Tissue360° Forum (sponsored by TAPPI’s Tissue360° magazine) brought together mill leaders and solution providers to share practical technical advances and solutions for better tissue making and converting. All were presented in a peer-reviewed, non-commercial format.

The 2016 opening keynote session featured Rod Fisher of Fisher International, who gave an in-depth overview of the global tissue markets. Cristine Schulz of Kimberly-Clark followed with a report on her company’s experience using wheat straw as an alternative fiber for tissue production. Schulz’s two-part presentation was continued into session two on alternative fibers.

The especially popular session on alternative fibers for tissue making, in addition to Schulz’s part two on Kimberly-Clark’s use of wheat straw as a tissue fiber source, included a close-up look at BTCMP (bleached thermo-chemi-mechanical pulp), as well as a detailed review of non-wood fibers and their applications in tissue by Zhirun Yuan of FPInnovations. Hiroki Nanko of Insight Technology International, provided commercial-based information on the use of a new kneader-based non-wood pulping system for tissue fiber production.

Another popular session focused on structured tissue sheet innovations, with a kick-off presentation by Hannes Vomhoff, Farnaz Farahani, and Mikael Bouveng of Innventia AB on evaluating the compressibility of kitchen towels. D. Steven Keller of Miami University followed with a report on Measuring the Compressive Response of Embossed and TAD Features in Paper Towels, and Soren Eriksson rounded out the session with his presentation on TAD structured sheets for ultra-premium quality.

Understanding and Measuring Tissue Softness was a special panel discussion that included three participants from Procter & Gamble, as well as representatives from FPInnovations and Emtec Electronic GmbH. Other sessions covered process control for tissue, operating efficiency and energy savings in the tissue process, optimization of the tissue process, a panel discussion on yankee metallization, practical solutions for tissue, and a steel yankee panel discussion.

The Tissue360° Forum Program Committee was chaired by Ayse Alemdar-Thomson of FPInnovations and included members from First Quality, Nalco, Wausau (SCA), Innovaspec, Cascades, Kimberly-Clark, BTG, Jaeger, and Siemens.

TAPPI is planning a Tissue Tutorial during PaperCon 2017 in Minneapolis, Minn., USA, and a full technical program at Tissue 2017, a joint event between TAPPI and RISI scheduled for the fall of 2017 in Miami, Fla., USA.
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