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Who invented modern toilet paper roll?

Posted By:27/11/2015

Who invented modern toilet paper roll?

Nobody is sure when toilet paper was first used. Before the invention of toilet paper, people from different parts of the world had many different ideas for personal hygiene. Some people used stones or sponges (especially rich Romans), but a variety of other things were used also.

The first official toilet paper was introduced in China in the year 1391. However, the first mention of the word toilet paper for personal hygiene dates back to the year 589 AD in Korea. Between 875 and 1391, big sheets of paper were produced in Korea and China for the Chinese royal family for personal hygiene.

Paper was a rare commodity until the 17th or 18th centuries. The first reference to paper as toilet paper was recorded in 1718.

Joseph C. Gayetty invented the first packaged toilet paper in the United States in 1857. Joseph C. Gayetty is credited as the inventor of modern commercially available toilet paper. "Gayetty’s Medicated Paper" was sold in packages of flat sheets, medicated with aloe and watermarked with his name. Gayety’s toilet paper was available as late as the 1920's.

In 1871, Seth Wheeler of Albany became the official “inventor” of toilet paper. Seth Wheeler patents rolled and perforated wrapping paper. His Albany Perforated Wrapping Paper Company began selling the first toilet paper on a roll.

Rolled and perforated toilet paper was invented around 1880. In 1879, Thomas Seymour, Edward Irvin and Clarence Wood Scott founded the Scott Paper Company in Philadelphia. Scott brothers came up with the idea of customizing rolls for every merchant-customer they had. They began selling packages of small rolls and stacked sheets. Scott Paper Company began producing toilet paper under its own brand name in 1896. By 1925 Scott Company became the leading toilet paper company in the world.

In 1935 Northern Tissue invented splinter free toilet paper. Simple paper making procedures often failed to remove small splinters from the finished product but Northern Paper engineers solved the problem. Softer, splinter-free toilet paper then became a reality for consumers and provided an advertising slogan for Northern Tissue.

In 1942 St. Andrew’s Paper Mill (England, Walthamstow, London), produced the first soft, two ply toilet tissue.

In 1954 was produced the first colored toilet tissue by Northern.

In 1964 was produced perfumed one-ply toilet tissue by Charmin

Source: Toilet paper history


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