Correction: Södra’s plans for ECF pulp

Södra has clarified that it is not planning to switch all TCF pulp production to ECF in the second half of 2017 as reported earlier on Tissue Agora. Södra is ramping up production of ECF in line with market demand and following the significant increase in capacity at its Värö mill in Sweden. TCF production will continue as before at the Mönsterås mill, which is unaffected by the Värö expansion.

Södra is Sweden’s largest forest-owner association, owned by about 50,000 forest owners in southern Sweden, organised into 36 forestry districts.
Södra is also an international forest industry Group, with operations based on processing its members’ forest products.

Södra has three business areas

SÖDRA SKOG: purchases forest products from members and delivers them to Södra’s mills. Södra Skog also provides forestry services and, on behalf of Södra’s members, manages the entire ecosystem of their forests – from planting and forest management to final harvesting, land preparation and replanting for future-generation forestry. The business activities are locally based, in 19 geographic forestry operations areas and 36 forestry districts.

SÖDRA WOOD: comprises two product segments: sawn timber and interior wood products. High-grade sawn and planed construction materials are produced at Södra’s sawmills and planing mills. Interior wood products include moulding, panelling, flooring, glue boards and posts. Södra Wood also offers pellets, wood shavings and other by-products of wood raw material.

SÖDRA CELL: With its three pulp mills at Värö, Mörrum and Mönsterås, Södra Cell is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of pulp for the pulp market. The operations have now entered a phase of expansion, due to a major investment programme. Softwood pulp accounts for some 80 percent of the production volume, and hardwood pulp for the remaining portion. Dissolving pulp is also produced at the mill in Mörrum. Södra is a major supplier of biofuel, green electricity and district heating


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