Heinzel Group to build second paper machine in Pöls

The Heinzel Group has now initiated its nextstrategic initiative in the packaging paper segment. This will see the installation of a second large paper machine for the production ofbleached kraft papers at the Zellstoff Pöls AG location in Austria. SocalledMG papers are employed for flexible packaging and demonstrateabove-average market growth. Kurt Maier, the Heinzel Holding CEO: “Usingthe new machine, we will be able to manufacture 200,000 tonnes of MGpapers annually at the Pöls location. With pulp production in Pöls beingexpanded at the same time, this has only marginal impact on our annualmarket pulp capacity of 400,000 tonnes. Following our recent investmentsat our Raubling and Laakirchen mills, the Pöls project representsanother step forward on our packaging paper segment path.”

Naturally enough, Andreas Vogel, the Zellstoff Pöls AG CEO, is alsodelighted at the prospect of spending in the three-digit million rangeat his mill: “The installation in 2013 of the first large machine forour Starkraft papers was already a success story and now our aim is tobecome the largest producer in this market segment.” Building work forthe new machine is to commence in Pöls during this summer and operationis scheduled to start in early 2019.

The additional capacity is not only intended for the enhanced service ofStarkraft customers in Europe, but also makes Zellstoff Pöls AG consideritself well-equipped for the global market. Werner Hartmann, theDirector of the Starkraft Business Unit in Pöls: “We will be able tooffer all our customers attractive and highly specialised papersproduced on a state of the art machine and possessing the same qualityand reliability that has characterized Starkraft already for years.”

Source: Heinzel Group website

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