Retail Tissue in Russia


Domestic players are continuing to invest in expanding their production capacity in retail tissue, with a strong focus on expanding production in lesser-served areas. In December 2013, Syktyvkar Tissue Group for example launched new retail tissue production facilities in Yaroslavl region. In July 2014, this company meanwhile further expanded production capacity at this site, installing a line for recycled retail tissue products supplied from Metso. The site thus had a production capacity of 35,000 tonnes per annum by the end of the review period, in addition to the company's main site in Syktyvkar, which has a production capacity of 50,000 tonnes per annum.


SCA Hygiene Products is the leading player in retail tissue and accounted for a strong 25% value share in 2014. The company benefits from its Zewa brand having a strong reputation for quality and thus enjoying established customer loyalty. This brand also offers a wide range of products, with SCA Hygiene Products being the leading player in toilet paper, kitchen towels and tissues in 2014 and also ranking fifth in napkins.


Sales growth for retail tissue will continue across Russia in the forecast period but is expected to be particularly strong in Russia's regions, with growth rates in Moscow and St Petersburg lagging behind. Growth in major cities is likely to be impacted more by economic concerns and declining disposable income levels, while there is likely to be continued economic growth in many regional towns and cities. Regional sales growth will also continue to be driven by stronger distribution via supermarkets and hypermarkets, with these outlets continuing to expand across the country and also expanding the range of retail tissue that they offer.

Source: Euromonitor

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