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Performance analysis comparison between year 2014 and year 2015

From Febraury 2016, Agorà, a social platform dedicated to the promotion of communication and the diffusion of information to the tissue industry, starts a new activity, consisting in collecting and analyzing data related to the development of the tissue industry.

The basic concept is to collect and offer information about the evolutionary trend of markets of tissue products, in terms of time.
Agorà wants to collect qualitative data, regarding the performance (positive, negative or stable) of the production and export volumes of different categories of tissue products, as well as information about employment trends in the tissue industry. In the questionnaire are requested data of trend, not numeric data.

The information collected are enhanced according to country of residence and geographic areas, identifying the following macro areas:
- West Europe
- East Europe
- Middle-East
- East- Asia
- South-East Asia/Australia
- North America
- South America
- Africa

For the very first time, Agorà organizes a simple anonymous questionnaire, sent to all the subscribers and a relevant number of worldwide tissue producers. The questionnaire is divided in five sheets, the first 3 regarding the production, export and employment trends in 2015 compared to 2014 and the other 2 regarding the total turnover expressed in percentage for each year considered (2014 and 2015). Agorà ask to the compiler to indicate the country of residence of the plant and an email associated receiving the report, once analyzed.

Agorà, launching this initiative, aim to provide to subscribers some complementary information to understand and to keep abreast of specific market evolution, information not easily accessible on conventional sources.
For the success of this project Agorà ask to the subscriber and to all the people and organizations, the availability to provide the few information requested, that are exclusively qualitative and does not reveal significant information about own activities.

Reports, that will be elaborated and published, will exclusively presented in aggregated form subdivided for geographic area and for product.
For the success of this initiative, we hope that the professionals that operates in the tissue industry decide to contribute, receiving the report as an exchange of information to be used to make own development strategic consideration.
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