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Performance analysis comparison between year 2014 and year 2015 - RESULTS

For the very first time, Agorà organized a simple anonymous survey sent to all the subscribers of the platform and to a relevant number of worldwide tissue producers, with the aim to collect qualitative data, regarding the performance (positive, negative or stable) of the production and export volumes of different categories of tissue products, as well as information about employment trends in the tissue industry.
In the questionnaire are requested data of trend, not numeric data.
The survey is divided in five sheets, the first 3 regarding the production, export and employment trends in 2015 compared to 2014 and the other 2 regarding the total turnover expressed in percentage for each year considered (2014 and 2015).
Agorà ask to the compiler to indicate the country of residence of the plant and an email associated receiving the report, once analyzed.

This survey is the first of a programme of periodic survey to carry out in order to observe and share the dynamic evolution of the different markets, classified according type of products and area of the world.

The first results are related to an overview about the trends observed on 2015 compared with 2014.
Due to the geographical dispersion of the organisations participating to this first survey, the outcome we report is only related to overall trends observed in 2015 for the different products on the market, showing already some significant, interesting, element of evaluation.

Overall turnover of the year 2015 compared with year 2014, remains substantially stable, with some re-adjustment about the products portfolio.

Analyzing the products that compose the portfolio, compared to a stable global sales volumes, the report shows that are more the products for which it is registered an increase of importance, that those who are stable or have decreased.
In particular, it can be observed a slight decrease of products such as Facial Tissue, Kitchen Rolls in favor of all the products of the category Away From Home (AFH), as toilet rolls, industrial use rolls and folded products (towels).
The products for personal use, such as handkerchiefs, remain stable, with a slight increase in favor of the napkins.

The general trend that emerges from the turnover analysis is also reflected in the export volumes of the various products, for the companies for which the subject is relevant, it is observed a substantial stability of value compared to the previous year.
In this area, compilers declare an increase of the volume of AFH products and a stability, in terms of overall volume of sales, for handkerchiefs.
In particular, the products that increase the volumes of exportation are for the AFH category folded products as towels, while for personal and domestic use handkerchiefs and towels.
The increase in export volumes is a significant result, as it would suggest a greater importance of the brand or specific products, recognized by consumers and preferred than the simple purchase process for commodity, typical of this category of products.
The other products are substantially stable.


Facing a substantial stability of product sales volumes, the information gathered show a tendency to the increase numbers of people employed in production, which confirms the slight growth of the sector.
The sector on which companies invested the most in the production structure is AFH, once again, napkins and handkerchiefs, elements that confirm the observations for the other categories of analysis.

The data referring at year 2015 show a significant stability and a slight increase in the volume of turnover of the sector, reflecting a positive trend, despite the factors of purchasing crisis and deflation processes in the countries of the Western economies, particularly in Europe.
There is a clear trend towards an increase of the importance of the category of AFH products, testifying to a gradual change in consumption and life habits.

Also interesting is the increase of export in terms of certain types of products, a factor that indicates that the companies who manage to stand out than the simple commodity, by investing in quality, image or product innovation, may be awarded.

During next month, Agorà prepare a further questionnaire, with which we inaugurate the quarterly monitoring of macroeconomic trends in the tissue industry: during the month of April, we will ask information on the trends of the just passed quarter, January / March 2016, and then every three months, we send more questionnaires for the same purpose.
In May, we will publish the results and thus the subsequent quarters.
We ask all those who receive the questionnaires to answer the questions: the greater is the number of completed survey; the most accurate will be the analysis and its information value, useful for all the operators in the industry.
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