Terms and Conditions

We welcome you on the website www.tissueagora.com (hereinafter referred as “Tissue Agorà” or “Community”).

Pulsar Srl (hereinafter referred as “Pulsar”provides all the services and products concerning the website (“Service/s”). Pulsar’s registered office is located in via Marino Serenari 29, 40013Castel Maggiore (BO) – Italy.


We shall remind you the use of all Servicesprovided by the website implies the acceptance of the present General Terms andConditions of Use (“Conditions”). Please read carefully the followingstatements.




For the purpose of this Agreement, “User/s” areany natural or legal person, including individuals, professional studios,companies or associations.

1) Purposes andservices offered

1.1 Tissue Agorà is a web portal dedicated toprofessionals of the paper converting industry. It is a Community of Usersbelonging to the tissue paper industry.

Sharing information and expertise, seekingsolutions to one’s own needs concerning the tissue industry represent the mainkey points of this web portal.


1.2 The mere display of thewebsite’s different sections does not involve any registration procedure.

In order to fully exploit theServices of the “Industry Reference Guide” section, to be able to interact inthe “Question & Answer” section and to use the PLS Software, Users have tologin. They shall follow an accreditation procedure with username and passwordto create an account. The access to some features or services relating to thedifferent sections of the web portal may only take place after the payment of afee. Such Services shall be enabled only after the registration procedure andshall be valid until their expiration-date. Depending on the intentions and theneeds of the User, the registration procedure may be both free of charge or requirethe payment of a fee. During the registration process, the User will be askedto fill in personal data, to flag specific categories, in order to specificallyexploit the potentialities of the website, according to the selected category.


1.3 The registration process, both free ofcharge or requiring the payment of a fee, has a validity of one year. At theend of the period, the User will be contacted via email for the renewal of thelicense.


1.4 The registered user may also access, afterthe acceptance of the License agreement’s terms and conditions, the PLS(acronym of “Plant Layout Simulator”) software free demo version, powerfulcalculator based on a sophisticated mathematic algorithm, aimed at analyzingand checking the characteristics/performances of converting lines. Remoteaccess and use of the complete version of the software implies the payment ofan additional fee to Pulsar. Please consult the Software Terms and Conditionsof use on the dedicated page.  


1.5 It is recalled that the use of thedifferent parts of the website, following the registration process, ispermitted to users over 18 years of age or otherwise users who have reached theage of majority in accordance with the laws of the Country concerned.


2) Account


2.1 The user is solely responsiblefor the security and confidentiality of his/her password. The same passwordshould not be used for third-party applications. In the event that the Userbecomes aware of an illegal and unauthorized use of his/her account or anyother violations of data-protection, he/she undertakes to inform Pulsar. TheUser may not transfer to third parties his/her account without the priorwritten consent of Pulsar and can not create any other account without Pulsar’spermission, if the original account is disabled.


2.2 The User can terminate his/heraccount at any time.


3) How to use Tissue Agorà


3.1 The use of the Community impliesthe prohibition of:


1)      Publishing any unsolicitedcommercial communication, such as spam

2)      Uploading online any child abuse,defamatory or discriminatory material or incitement to racial hatred andviolence

3)      Spreading audio-video content,schemes, models and news subject to industrial property rights and copyright,violating the legitimate rights of right holders

4)      Creating a fake profile

5)      Performing deceptive, fraudulent orunfair practices

6)      Uploading viruses or other malwaresand violating or attempting to violate the security of the website

7)      Causing harm, disturbances andapprehension

8)      Collecting login informationbelonging to other users or logging in with others’ account withoutauthorization

9)      Mobbing and stalking

10)   Causing or threatening to cause with one’s behaviorinterruptions, damages or malfunctions to the services offered and theirfunctionalities


3.2 The User is the only responsiblefor any contribution, modification and re-use of the materials. For thisreason, Pulsar does not ensure the accuracy, the veracity or the reliability ofany content shared by the community. Pulsarexcludes the responsibility orreliability of any kind for the users’ online and offline conducts, for thecontents and the information they publish, share and transmit on Tissue Agorà.


3.3 The User grants Pulsar anon-exclusive license for any content posted on the community. Such licenseends at the time when the account or the contents will be deleted, excludingthe possibility that third parties, not willing to delete them, have shared theabove-mentioned contents.


3.4 Usually, Pulsar does not superviseor modify the content of the different sections of the community. On thecontrary, in case of infringement of the aforementioned prohibitions, theapplicable provisions of the law Pulsar reserves the right, at its ownunfettered discretion and without any duty of justification, to remove theillegal content from the user account or, in the most serious cases, totemporarily block the account in question.

In the event of repeated infringements,Pulsar may close the account and exclude the possibility of new registrations. Theinfringement of some of the previous conditions shall be subject to civil orcriminal liability. In such cases, Pulsar may involve and cooperate with thelaw enforcement authorities to prosecute the Users, responsible for the previousviolations.


3.5.1 Concerning the account closing describedin point 2.2, all amounts due and/or paid by the parties before the terminationof the contract, shall remain payable following a possible termination of theagreement.


3.5.2 In the event of content removal oraccount closure described in point 3.4, Pulsar’s liability shall not exceed thecredit relating to the days remaining until the expiry of the registration and,in any case, shall not exceed the total value of the service concerning a periodof twelve (12) months.


3.6 For the cases described in points 2.2 and3.4 relating to the account closure, these Terms and Conditions shall not bevalid and effective, except sections 3, 4, 5, 6, 8.


4) Payment


4.1 To use the services requiringthe payment of a fee, the User shall accept the payment of fees and commissionsin euros (€), according to the exchange rate of the day of the subscription,and the payment of all applicable taxes.


The non-payment represents animpediment for the use of the abovementioned Services. Moreover, the Useraccepts that Pulsar stores the methods of payment chosen for the possiblerenewal of the services. The invoice will be sent to the provided e-mailaddress.


4.2 The activation of the Serviceshall be performed within (3) days starting from the date of the collection ofthe fee.

5) Advertising

The advertisers, who, after theimplementation of a regular contact, bought spaces or pages to publishadvertisements, shall be subject to the following additional terms andconditions:


5.1 The adverts shall not includecontents, which violate third parties’ rights, including copyright, trademarks,privacy or any other personal or proprietary right. The adverts shall not containany misleading, deceptive, fraudulent, illicit, discriminatory or forbiddenstatement and content. It is permitted to use the information directly obtainedby Users, provided that the Users shall be clearly informed and give theirexplicit consent, in strict compliance with laws and regulations in force.


5.2 All the parts of the adverts,included texts, pictures or other multimedia support, shall be relevant andadapt to the product or service offered and to the audience, which views theadverts. The adverts shall be accurate and represent clearly the company, theproduct, the service or the trademark subject of the advertisement. Theproducts or services promoted in the text of the adverts shall be clearlyrepresented in the target page and the destination website will not containforbidden links, products or services. Furthermore, the adverts shall notsuggest a false correlation with general offers.


5.3 The adverts having as theirobject goods and services with legal restrictions (such as alcohol andgambling) shall respect laws and regulations in force.


5.4 The advertisers are responsiblefor the accuracy, legality, veracity and compliance to the laws and regulationsin force, relating to the information and the contents included in the adverts.Pulsar excludes any and all warranties of any kind whatsoever with regard tothe aforementioned information and contents.


5.5 Pulsar undertakes to show theadvertisement to the audience specified by the advertiser, but shall not vouchfor addressing the desired audience with the same advertisement.


5.6 Each advertiser may withdrawfrom the contract at any time in writing. Any amount due before the withdrawalshall remain payable after a possible withdrawal.


5.7 Pulsar reserves the right todeny, approve and remove any advertisement for any reason, including theadverts that negatively affect or contrast the Community. The violation ofthese Terms entails the removal of the advertisement.


5.8 In the cases laid down in point5.7 above, Pulsar’s liability shall not be higher than the value of theabovementioned advertisement or the days remaining to the expiration of thecontract. In any case, it shall not exceed the value of the Service providedfor a period of twelve (12) months.


5.9 Such additional terms may bemodified at any time. Users are kindly invited to devote particular attentionto the possible changes.


6) Liability

6.1 Pulsar undertakes to keep TissueAgorà reliable, active and correct. However, it shall not be guaranteed theServices may be occasionally suspended or temporarily restricted to perform thenecessary maintenance, repair or upgrade with new services and products. Pulsar declines any liability for the failure, the inability to access or the poor useof the web site www.tissueagora.com, due to inadequate equipment,network disturbance or problems of the Internet service provider or any otherreason.


6.2 The User accepts to join theCommunity at his/her own risk. Tissue Agorà is provided “as is” and anyimplicit or explicit warranty, including any warranty of merchantability orsuitability for a particular purpose, is disclaimed. Pulsar shall not beresponsible for any direct, indirect or consequential damage and for any lossof profits, incomes or data resulting from the use, misuse or inability to usethe website and its related services, even if Pulsar has been informed of thepossibility of such loss or damages. In addition, Pulsar has no obligation toverify the veracity and the accuracy of the Users’ identity and their use ofthe Community. Pulsar refuses, therefore, any form of liability for identityfraud or any other illicit use of people’s identity.

6.3 The User agrees to indemnify andhold harmless Pulsar from and against any loss, cost, expense or damage,especially including but not limited to lawyers’ charges, resulting from thenon-observance of the present Terms and Conditions. The User agrees to indemnifyalso the damages due to an improper, incorrect, illicit and elusive use ofthird’s rights and the regulations in use.


6.4 In any case, Pulsar’s liability shall notexceed the residual credit and shall not be higher than the overall value ofthe Service provided for a period of twelve (12) months.


6.5 The laws and regulations of someCountries, States or Jurisdictions do not allow some of the abovementioned limitationsof liability. In these cases, such limitations shall not be effective, in wholeor in part, and other rights will be granted to the User. Under nocircumstances, Pulsar limits or excludes its liability for death or personalinjury caused by personal negligence or either by intent or gross negligence.


7) Privacy

The user is kindly invited toconsult the Privacy page to understand how Pulsar collects personal data,contents and users’ information.


8) Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

8.1 These Terms of Use are governed by ItalianLaw. Any possible future dispute concerning the present terms and conditions,including the conditions relating to the validity, interpretation and executionof the present Terms shall be settled by simple and informal arbitration, inaccordance with the Rules of the Arbitration Chamber of the Bologna Chamber ofCommerce. The tribunal shall consist of three (3) arbitrators appointed inaccordance with the said Rules, which both parties declare to know andexpressly accept. The arbitrators shall decide in accordance with the Law, theparties recognize the arbitrators’ decision as expression of their wishes.


8.2 These Terms and Conditions are written inItalian. In case of discrepancies with other versions translated into the otherlanguages of the portal, the Italian version will prevail.


9) Modification of Terms and Conditions

Pulsar reserves the right to modifythese Terms and Conditions at any time, in order to provide increasingly betterServices and comply with the new laws. If any of the Terms contained in thisAgreement should be determined to be illegal, invalid or otherwiseunenforceable, they shall not affect the validity and the effectiveness of theother Terms.