Tissue Agora, The entire Tissue Industry in one platform

Tissue Agorà is a digital “Square” where members of the tissue industry come together to find information and bring knowledge and expertise.

The multilingual site, which can be accessed from any device, is made of a peer to peer “question and answer” section and a Tissue Industry Reference Guide where the users can find the key players of the tissue industry, their products and services.

In the Q&A section anybody can ask detailed and practical questions and get or give a direct answer. Answers can be voted by the users and the best answer will show first. Questions are divided in categories making it easy to filter the questions of expertise. Members can earn a reputation when their answers are voted. Access is free and based on the individual.

The Industry reference guide is dedicated to the key players of the tissue industry, it showcases their companies, products, services and events. One of the sections shows job offers and companies can open a “Reference point” where users of the digital square can interact privately with the company’s expert. Registration is company based and requires a fee.

An“Economics” section and Tissue Agora’s blog, both managed by Tissue Agora’s editorial staff, will ensure the constant release of news updates about the world of Tissue.

The platform sports a direct link to the software PLS, a powerful calculation engine dedicated to the analysis and control of converting line features and performances.